Lil Bits Cloth is made by me, Eliza Wapner, in New Orleans, LA. Everything is handmade and naturally dyed using plants. This means each garment is usually made over the course of a week- first cutting the pieces, dyeing them, hand washing them, and then sewing them together. It's a labor-intensive process but the end result is a unique, well made, and custom garment that will last and be cherished.

Lil Bits Cloth was born out of a reaction to fast fashion. The apparel industry is thought to be the second most polluting industry after oil and gas. I believe that fashion is where the organic food industry was 20 years ago- people are just beginning to realize that our clothes come from somewhere and are plant and animal.

When making each piece for Lil Bits, I use plant based natural dyes. Natural dyes are a great alternative to synthetic dyes- they are much less harsh on our waterways, more healthy to use for the dyer and producer, and create a beautiful color palette. I use materials like hemp when I can, and have recently been trying to use more repurposed materials such as second hand t-shirts and deadstock linen.

Natural dyes also hold such important historical and cultural significance. I try to honor this by learning about each dye and sharing that information with the buyer. These efforts are just the beginning however, there is so much more to be included in the fold of making clothing. As Lil Bits Cloth hopefully grows, I strive to become more sustainable and continue to make conscious decisions in how I make each piece, the suppliers I use, and the way I advertise each product.

Most importantly, each piece I make is meant to make the wearer feel beautiful, amazing, and like their best selves. I always say there is nothing to get you out of a down day than the lust silk jacket and it's true. Lil Bits is committed to making you feel wonderful in your skin and your clothes. Each piece can be customized to fit your body specifically. If you do not see an option for you in sizing or colors, send me an email and I will make sure your piece is made for you to your satisfaction. This being said, this process is not fast, please allow 3-4 weeks from when you order a garment to when it is shipped.

I am also creating earrings in collaboration with Singerman and Post, my Aunt and Uncle's earring business based in Canaan, NY. Their earrings are made from laminated metalized mylar and are extremely lightweight making it easy to create bright, sculptural earrings. All earrings are handmade in NY. Check out their website to learn more about the business, process, and to see all of their beautiful earrings.

I hope you enjoy my work, please do not hesitate to reach out with questions!


Me in my studio in New Orleans, LA